Graphic Recording Gaztekaldian

Drawings made by hand on 41 DIN-A4 size papers, using Graphic Recording technique: I drew them while the event was happening, taking notes about they were saying and doodling about their ideas. Basque youngsters gathered in Open Space style: They met around several tables, each table about a question that bother them: Feminism, Economics, Public Transports, Jobs, Basque Culture, Basque language, Sexuality… Text in drawings are in Basque language. Made in Euskalduna palace, Bilbao, past October 25th, 2014. Organizer: Bizkaiko Aldundia. Find out more in the K project website.

Dibujos realizados a mano en 41 hojas DIN-A4, mientras tenía lugar el evento Gaztekaldia. Jóvenes de Bizkaia se reunieron en dinámica Open Space para tratar temas que les preocupan. Graphic Recording realizado para Diputación de Bizkaia, el 25 de Octubre de 2014. Aquí más info (en euskera).

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