Dirty watercolors from London (1)

Watercolors I paint almost every day while walking in parks or going by bus.

Hi! I am in London, it is a lovely and huge city… but also very expensive! Everything is shiny and new for me here, though most of the buildings are historic and some of them even 400 years old! I like painting tiny watercolors, just to have fun and for remembering a place, a light, a sensation. Taking pictures with the phone has jus became so easy and massive thing, so clean… Painting with watercolors is like painting with dirty water, so it is naively funny! I call them “dirty watercolors” because they are made joyfully… Here are the ones I have made this last week. I make one every day, minimum. It gives me a lot of peace, in the 5 minutes I am doing it! Hope you like them. You can find out more on my Instagram. I will keep on painting!

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Un poster para Ivan Pires, de Londres

Este poster lo hice ayer en Londres, es para Ivan Pires, nuestro casero. Toca el piano, música clásica. Este es su myspace. No está mal el poster para haberlo hecho en dos horas en un portatil chiquitajo, ¿no? Si andáis en Setiembre por Londres, podéis ir, es gratis y es en una iglesia impresionante. Hacen una cosa bastante graciosa y muy de Londres: conciertos a la hora de comer. Los oficinistas salen a los parques a comer su ensalada de tupper y pueden aprovechar ese rato para ver un concierto. God save Pires!